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What's up people I'm,

Kingsley Hunter

Sports Media Personality/Journalist

About Me

My name is Kingsley Hunter, and I am an aspiring sports media personality. I knew that I wanted to work in sports journalism since I was a sophomore in High School. Normally after school, I would watch YouTube clips of sports shows such as “First Take” and “Numbers Never Lie” and read sports articles that was posted on the ESPN website. I grew up playing sports such as football, basketball, and wrestling. Since 2020, I’ve been competing in the sport of fencing and most recently boxing. Sports have been an integral part of my life, so the correlation is evident. In 2021, I earned my B.A degree in English at Norfolk State, and I am currently enrolled in a master’s program to earn a degree in Mass Communications also at Norfolk State. Since I began my graduate studies, I’ve been a co-host and producer of a weekly sports talk show called “Sports Timeout”. I write scripts, co-host, and set up audio and lights for the show. I also co-host a sports podcast called the “Triangular Offense” at the school's radio station. Sports are a passion of mine, and I would love to deliver sports news to the masses with my vibrant personality. 



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